Would you listen to economic ravings of psychiatric patients? Don't look now, but we are doing the equivalent - and allowing them to wreck our economy.
The AP's framing of the attack on Joseph's Tomb removes any last illusions of its willingness to report honestly on Jews, Israel and Islamist terror
Let's imagine what such a phone complaint might sound like.
If our Constitution is not taught to America's children -- and is summarily dismissed by our cultural influencers -- does it even matter anymore?
Because from government to journalism, pop culture to consumer tech, a psychology of lethal reality-denial has taken hold, that puts certain vital facts…
A roundup of links I discovered this week
Not the one that most Americans have been told should be "canceled."
A visit to a world-famous botanical garden & conservatory gave me an up-close and personal view of this insidious practice, especially when aimed at…
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